Card Captor Sakura Fanfiction

*sigh* Also known as the neverending rivalry between Eriol and Syaoran...

Sakura is too adorable, Syaoran is so mysterious, Tomoyo is...well...Tomoyo, and Eriol is God (okay, so he just likes to play God). S+S and T+E are my two favorite couples, though for some reason, I've lately taken a slight interest in one-sided T+S. Eriol is definately my favorite human character, but I just L-U-V Suppi-chan and Kero-chan! ^_^

<*sweatdropps*> Oh, come on, I'm not *that* I?

Top Ten Rules for a Nelvana Cartoon

My first CCS fic, a breif look into how *I* would describe one of Nelvana's so-called "masterpeices" they call a Cardcaptors episode...

Nadeshiko's Daughter

A dedication fic to anyone who's ever lost somebody close to them. Sakura visits her mother's grave to tell her about all that's happend over the past few years and, along with the help of her friends, learns to deal with the fact that her mother's gone...(S+S, T+S friendship)

The REAL ending to CCS

Who here hated the dub ending of Cardcaptors? That's what I thought, and this is what I did in response. Courtosy of Morpheus, I give you the unedited, REAL ending to one of our favorite animes. Full of sap, fluff, and a bit of humor. Take that, Nelvana! :P
Say Goodbye (Take a Bow)**NEW**
Songfic, told in Tomoyo's POV. Sakura calls her to meet in the park with some shocking news.... Already fearing a fate like her mother's, can Tomoyo be able to handle Sakura leaving her? Features One-sided TxS, T+S friendship, and a smidgette of SxS. (Mild Shoujo-ai)

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